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Our Clients

China is a dynamic, fast-changing and exciting market. It offers vast opportunities to businesses from the developed economies.

We service innovative startups, ambitious expansions, multinationals, and listed companies. Among them, some seek to understand current market potential, while others endeavor to improve performance.

Regardless of what stages of the China status that your business is at, we strive to be the reliable business counselors on queries large or small. Our consultation equips businesses and leaders with the necessary tools to succeed in the contemporary Chinese marketplace. With us, you will achieve the following:

  • Work with technically competent people who can be trusted and communicated with;
  • Gain connections with local business and government contacts;
  • Access reliable information sources;
  • Achieve results within their budget and time constraints.
  • Attain targets bypassing obstacles;
  • Navigate methodically through the Chinese market

Our clients view us as consultants with expertise and as a premium information source. They benefit from our local connections and international mindset. For them, CSG is a long-term business partner prepared to tackle commonly encountered issues with practiced precision and negotiate unique and complex ones with persistence and dedication.

case study – A real example from our work which demonstrates how we can help

Below are some of the firms that have worked with us, and are glad to endorse us for the satisfactory work we have delivered for them.