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Accounting, payroll, taxation and compliance

Effective procedures in areas including accounting, payroll, taxation and compliance must be put in place to ensure smooth operations.

Our team of accountants with a seasoned background will assist businesses from consulting and advisories, to outsourced accounting practices.

Below are common types of services we offer:

Accounting advisory and implementation

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT administration
  • Management reporting
  • Financial Reporting (China GAAP and home country standards such as IFRS)
  • Consolidation of Accounts
  • Assistance with financial audit and internal control
  • Training of Finance Team

Payroll management

By outsourcing payroll administration, international businesses enjoy improved efficiency and assurance of compliance. Our payroll administration covers areas as follows:

  • Monthly Payroll Calculation and Processing
  • Mandatory Social Welfare and Housing Fund management
  • Visa and work permits applications

Taxation and Compliance

Once registered, companies must file tax declarations no matter operating or not. Our tax and compliance services include:

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Tax Calculation and Filing
  • Annual Tax Compliance
  • Inter-company Service Agreement Implementation
  • VAT Compliance and Planning
  • Corporate Tax Filing & Returns
  • Personal Tax Filing & Returns
  • Specialist Tax Advice
  • Offshore Tax Withholding
  • Annual Legal Compliance Services
  • Annual Business license renewal services
  • Assistance with Closure Audit, Tax Clearance and Deregistration